Play Bingo Craze Free On Your Android Device
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Play Bingo Craze Free On Your Android Device

Play Bingo Craze Free On Your Android Device

Bingo Craze is a unique game development by BlackZen. This game was originally released in February 2013. The game has a file size of 49M. You can get Bingo Craze in version 1.6.3. You must have an Android Operating System of 2.2 or greater to play. Bingo Craze has a content rating of Everyone on Google Play and All Ages on

BlackZen’s Bingo Craze is a game that allows you to change your Bingo tickets when you are in the middle of playing the game. This proves beneficial if you have the sense that you don’t quite have the luckiest cards! You can also make use of power items and special boosts to speed up the chance of claiming Bingo and to increase your game score. You can enjoy Bingo gaming in real time as you play with other Bingo enthusiasts from around the world. In this game, as you collect treasure chests you collect puzzles and you can then get extra bonuses. This game has a travel and worldly theme and you can unlock new rooms as you play.

With Bingo Craze, you can log in as a guest player or you can make use of Facebook integration and sign in with your login id. If you opt for Facebook sign in, the app needs access to your friend’s list and your public profile. This game has a neat tutorial that teaches you the ins and outs of the app’s navigation. The first world you will play is Paris. You can buy up to four Bingo cards per game. There are thirteen ways to in Bingo – you can get one of five horizontal patterns, one of five vertical patterns, or one of two diagonal patterns. You can also get Bingo by getting all four corners on a card.

The current ball calls appear at the top of the screen. To daub your ticket you simply tap on a number. If the cell has bonus items under the number, you win those bonuses. Every time you daub a number, you help fill up your power booster. The power items are ready to use every three daubs. To change your cards during play, you can click on the blue icon with the rotating arrows. The card is automatically redaubed with previously called numbers.

You can get Bingo Craze free at Google Play. You can also get the game free at

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