Get Into Online Bingo In 2012
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Get Into Online Bingo In 2012

Get Into Online Bingo In 2012

2012 is a wonderful year to get into playing online bingo games. There have been many new online bingo halls opening in late 2011, and early this year so there are plenty of new venues for even the most seasoned online bingo players. Having new bingo sites opening is important because they provide more competition in the online bingo market. This means that online bingo halls will be offering even more free casino money to players to get you to choose their site over another online gambling venue.

Bonuses To Look For In 2012

In 2012 expect to see a lot of no deposit bonus offers. These are offers for new player sign ups where an online bingo hall will offer you free bonus bucks to play the site with to get you to register. These are totally free bucks, and you can play the site and get used to it and see if it’s a site you really want to play on without ever having to drop a single cent of your own money. Of course, these bonuses are offered because the online bingo hall hopes you will stay and become a depositing member.

More Bonuses To Look For In 2012

Matching deposit bonuses are another type of free online bingo hall action to look for. With matching deposit bonuses you do have to be a depositing member on the site, even if you are a new player who has never played there before. That’s because the way a matching deposit bonus offer works is that the casino will give you a percentage in matching bonus money equal to all or part of your deposit. Match deposit bonuses can range anywhere from around 25% to 100% but we have seen some online bingo sites offer matching deposit bonuses up to 1000% of your deposit.

Conditions Of Bonuses Do Matter – Read Them

The thing you want to watch out for with these is the maximum cap of the offer. You don’t need to deposit more funds that the max in bonus dollars, but these big 1000% bonuses get the uninitiated to deposit huge amounts of cash onto bingo halls thinking they can get 1,000’s in free money. You need to be particularly careful of new sites without a good reputation because there have occasionally been scams where a new site opens offering big bonuses and shuts down after a bunch of people join.

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