Get In On The Bingo Cabin VIP Program
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Get In On The Bingo Cabin VIP Program

Get In On The Bingo Cabin VIP Program

Bingo Cabin rewards its players for their loyalty; there is a Loyalty Club and a VIP program created for players to take advantage of; both plans give players access to unique bonuses and more ways of enjoying online gaming. The Loyalty Plan is available to all players the minute they make their first deposit while the VIP level is a plan that involves the site’s moderators determining who becomes recognized as a VIP player.

Level Up With This Sweet VIP Program

The Loyalty Club at Bingo Cabin consists of six levels. You move through the levels based upon the amount of time you spend utilizing Bingo Cabin, the amount of wagers you make, and the number as well as size of the deposits you make into your cash playing account. Every month you are updated through an email about your level and status in the Loyalty Club. When you make your first deposit you are considered a Newbie and you get a 300 percent deposit on your first deposit.

The More You Deposit The Higher Your Level

After you make your second deposit you become a Bronze level member and you get a 100 percent bonus on your second deposit. On your third deposit you get a 50 percent bonus and you are boosted to the status of a Silver member. Later you can achieve the Gold member level and get a 75 percent bonus on all deposits or you can ultimately reach the Platinum and Diamond levels where you get 100 percent matching bonuses on all deposits that you make.

Become A Bingo VIP Captain At Bingo Cabin

If you are deemed a super valued player by the moderators of Bingo Cabin, you can be identified as a Bingo VIP Captain. When this happens you are given even more bonuses. To achieve the VIP Captain level, the site’s moderators will base their decision on the fact that you have sent in any requested identification documentation, as well as on CM feedback, the time you spend using Bingo Cabin, the amount of wagers you make, and your depositing activities. Achieving VIP status in the Bingo Cabin VIP program means you get random gifts throughout the year, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, a forty percent cash back offer on every deposit you make, and access to special tournaments. You even get special chat features like colorful speech bubbles!

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