Are You Maximizing Your Friend Bonuses?
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Are You Maximizing Your Friend Bonuses?

Are You Maximizing Your Friend Bonuses?

When you play a lot of online bingo, you end up with a lot of gaming friends. You may meet them through bingo chat games, online social networking posts, or know them from your real world existence and figured out their aliases at online bingo halls. What we want to know is if you are using Refer-A-Friend bonuses to your best advantage.

Refer A Friend For Big Bonuses

Now, if you’ve met all your online bingo hall friends at your favorite site then you won’t be able to use refer a friend bonuses to invite them. Referral bonuses and promotions of this sort are only available to new players. Casinos and online bingo halls use the referral rewards programs to get new members to try out their site. So, who do you invite to get bonuses?

Consider Social Networking Friends First

We suggest you take a look at your social networking friends first as potential bingo referral invitees. The reason for this is that if you belong to Facebook, My Space, or even Linked In it is likely that the people who have friended you through these networks are familiar with how the internet works. That alone makes them more likely to extend their online time to entertainment such as online gambling at bingo halls. Many online bingo halls have easy to use friend referral programs that are already connected to social media and you can simply instant message the referral code to your online pals, or tweet a message to get friend referrals. By far, these are the easiest ways to take advantage of referral bonuses for friends.

Now Think About Email Friends

All your friends who have social networking accounts have email accounts. They have to in order to register. However, all your friends with email may not be hip to the whole social networking scene. So, after you’ve invited all your Facebook friends and other social network contacts, then think about who else in your email address book might want to play bingo online. It’s good to explain how their free bonuses work and let them know if they have to fund an account. Often the instant invites don’t give a full story, so we recommend following up with friends directly with your personal experiences of the site. That allows you to get a better response, acceptance rate and more bonuses.

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