What Is An Autodauber Bingo Tool?
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New Year Jackpots At Foxy Bingo

New Year Jackpots At Foxy Bingo

If you’re familiar with the traditional game of Bingo, you probably remember the spongy tipped bottles full of ink that were the old time bingo daubers. Many land based bingo hall players still use these to cover their bingo numbers on their cards when they are called. So, how does that sometimes messy, but always nostalgic bingo dauber translate to the online media of today?

The Dauber Goes Automatic With Bingo

An Autodauber, or autodaub tool is the transitional evolution of the traditional ink bottle dauber. Since when you are playing online you can’t exactly ink off your screen as the bingo numbers are called, the autodaub tool will do that for you. This option is not available at all online bingo halls. Some still require a manual click of the mouse or control key in order to mark off the numbers on your card.

Why Using The Autodaub Tool Is Smart

If you like to play 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo, that’s a lot of spaces to be watching as the numbers are called at an online bingo hall. Even with the bingo board showing the numbers you can get behind and miss being the first bingo with that many numbers to look at. By setting up the Autodaub tool in your game session you can have the system automatically daub out your numbers as they are called. This also frees you up to play another game using manual control, or to take a much needed bathroom or food break during long online gaming sessions.

Why Don’t All Online Bingo Halls Offer Autodaubers

Whether or not an online bingo web site offers autodauber is just a matter of the operators preference. Some sites are enabled, while others aren’t. Likely it comes down to a matter of cost effectiveness and the bottom line, because like any other digital tool it is based on software that has to be licensed. However, as bingo continues to grow in popularity there is no doubt that more bingo halls online will offer the Autodauber function in the players tool box.

Touch Screen Autodaubers Of The Future

Although we haven’t found an online bingo hall that offers this function yet, we’ve heard rumours in the online gambling industry of touch screen gaming options. It’d be cool to play bingo using the touchscreen on a tablet PC or iPad.

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