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In the last few years, online bingo has become a bigger and bigger craze, with people of all ages signing up. It is an easy game to play, easily accessible, fun, social and nowhere near as expensive as casino games can be. My grandmother introduced me to it when I was 4 years old and 16 years later, I am still crazy for bingo!
Bingo perhaps is not the coolest of games to play regularly but I love meeting new people and getting my friends involved. I even convinced my University’s Student Union to host a bingo night which was a lot more popular than we imagined. What I love about growing up in the 21st century is the choice between being able to go to a bingo hall or sitting in bed or my cosy armchair playing on Paddy Power. I play online no more than once a week and I will always limit how much I spent (being a student means I can’t afford to play more than this) but I also like to go to the local bingo hall once a month, or every other month at the moment.

The beauty of playing online is that, as well as not having to leave the house, it is quick and easy to use meaning that I can have a quick game on a Saturday morning before getting up to go to work. It is also so accessible and this is how I roped in my housemates. We have social evenings so we don’t hide away in our bedrooms all week and they have become quite bingo related recently. They also now join me for my trips to the hall and have enjoyed meeting all the lovely characters that go there on a regular basis.
With any gambling type of game, there is always a chance of addiction but by playing with people you know, they are able to spot any changes in your behaviour and help you out as soon as possible and all the online bingo websites have help available.

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