Don’t Miss Out On Hot Bingo Action In 2015
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Don’t Miss Out On Hot Bingo Action In 2015

Don’t Miss Out On Hot Bingo Action In 2015

First off, thanks. We want to thank each and every one of you who has stuck with us and read our posts about bingo gaming based at online casino sites as well as gaming experiences on the web, and collecting free bingo bonuses, with us this past year. It has been a time of growth, and fascinating experiences with online bingo sites, gaming and gambling and we are glad to have had you with us on the journey. However, it is time to change things up a bit here in 2015.

Starting with next month’s posts in February we will be changing our blog publishing schedule. Going forward, we will be posting 1 time each month. This change will take place with our first February blog post, February 15, 2015. Yeah, we know this means you have to wait a bit for the next post, but we felt keeping it to mid-month would be the best course of action. We also wanted to offer you some consistency, so the blog will always have new content on the 15th of the month until further notice. You can still expect the same well-researched content with news and reviews about bingo gaming action around the web we’ve just decided to go to a once a month publishing schedule for the blog.

All of our posts will continue to go live at 12:00. That has not changed. We are going to switch up the day, however. We thought it might be easiest for you to remember the 15th of each month, so no matter what day that falls on, the date of our blog posting will always be the 15th of the month until further notice. So, you may want to bookmark this page and note it on your calendars so that you don’t miss out on a single post. To keep it simple, we will bring you the information you desire on the 15th of each month.

Nothing else, except the frequency of our postings will change. You will still find great news about new player bonuses for online bingo halls and gambling venues that offer excellent bingo gaming. We will still share the sites and mobile applications that you can use to play bingo games on your cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet or other mobile devices so you can have convenient access when you want it.

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