Play Bingo Cats On Your Android Device Free
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Play Bingo Cats On Your Android Device Free

Play Bingo Cats On Your Android Device Free

Bingo Cats is a game development by Ember Entertainment. This app has a small file size of 38M. You can get the game in version 1.0.9. The app gets a Medium Maturity content rating on Google Play. You will need an Android Operating System of 2.3 or greater to play.

Bingo Cats has an adorable theme with cute cats and fun features. Your goal is to work through ten unique Bingo boards and to collect the Lucky Cat’s friends. This game has chat features, levels, new items, collectibles, and you will definitely enjoy the fast paced nature of the game. If you are seeking live, real time, multiplayer Bingo options for on the go gaming, Bingo Cats is most ideal. This app has a Bingo Spotter feature and a Daub Spotter feature so the game is even more challenging and fast paced. You also can earn custom daubs, trophies, and cat collectibles.

The Bingo Cats game icon consists of a cute cat, the game name, and one red and white Bingo ball. Once you load the game on your device, you can sign in as a guest or you can sign in using Facebook integration. If you use a Facebook sign in, the app need access to your friends list and public profile. Once the game lobby appears, along the upper edge of the screen you will see you start out with 40 free Bingo bucks, 1200 coins, and 18 power ups.

The first room you can play is the Box Cats Bingo Room. Additional rooms include the Playtime, Fun With Yarn, Christmas Cats, Farm Cats, Kitty Picnic, Cat Kingdom,Catnip Party, Spooky Kitty, Cats on Parade, Play in the Sun, Golden Yarn, Summer Farm, Sunny Picnic, Gold Kingdom, and Sun Room Bingo Rooms. To earn a few free gems, you can watch free videos. For doing so, you win 20 free gems. This Bingo game also has a slots side game. The slots game is a three reel offering with auto spin, max bet, and manual spin controls. You can win up to 200 Bingo Bucks, 200 Coins, and 200 powerups!

Bingo Cats is available free on Google Play. If you want to play on your Kindle Tablet, you can get the app for Bingo Cats free at You can also get the app free at This game is also accessible through the Facebook App Center.

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