Play Free Cheeky Bingo HD On Your Apple Device
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Play Free Cheeky Bingo HD On Your Apple Device

Play Free Cheeky Bingo HD On Your Apple Device

Cheeky Bingo HD is a mobile app development by & Murka. The app is made available by Independent Technology Ventures Limited. Cheeky Bingo is available in version 1.5.0. The app has a file size of 57 MB and it is available in the English language only. The Apple App Store gives this game a rating indicating the app is ideal for people ages 12 or older due to the infrequent and mild references to drug use, tobacco, and alcohol as well as the intense and frequent gambling simulations. You can play Cheeky Bingo on an iPad. The game requires that you have an iOS or greater.

You can get the Cheeking Bingo HD app free at the Apple App Store. The game is also available through the Facebook Game Center. Real time games are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Facebook integration, you can play Bingo games with other Bingo enthusiasts from around the world. Cheeky Bingo HD allows you to get in on American 75 Ball Bingo games. You can also spin slots and win terrific prizes. Cheeky Bingo HD is all about socialization – you can chat with others as you enjoy live games.

Recent updates to the app have added two brand new Bingo gaming rooms – the Las Vegas themed Bingo room and the Fourth of July themed gaming room. Every eight hours you get a free bonus when you play games through the Cheeky Bingo HD mobile app. What’s more, when you return to game play on a daily basis, your free bonus increases each day. The app has remarkable visuals, stunning graphic representations, great music, and ultra smooth gaming dynamics. You can enjoy the use of powerups to up your game skill and challenges, blackout Bingo gaming, and you can double your winnings playing Golden Bingo cards.

The layout of the game screen is clean, easy on the eyes, and intuitive to use. The Bingo cards in play are in the middle of the screen. The numbers and letters are large. The five most current Bingo balls appear along the upper edge of the screen. The chat window is in the lower left corner of the game window. The game themes are unique and ultra fun.

You can download the Cheeky Bingo HD app free at the Apple App Store. You can also get the game free through the Facebook Game Center online.

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