Get In on Free Game Desire’s Bingo Online
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Get In on Free Game Desire's Bingo Online

Get In on Free Game Desire’s Bingo Online

Game Desire is the game developer behind a fun and fast paced game of online Bingo. The game does not require special software. You can load the game with a browser hosting a Flash plug-in. With Game Desire’s Bingo, you can play 75 or 90 Ball Bingo games. This game does not have a tutorial, so it is most ideal for those individuals that have some familiarity as to how online Bingo games work.

When you load the game in your browser, you will see a spin to win feature. You can win free credits instantly. After spinning, you have to click on the green “Continue” button to play. When the game loads, you have to choose the kind of Bingo you want to play. If a game is in progress, you can click on a card and try to enter the game. You can also buy tickets and wait for the countdown before a game begins. You must buy tickets for the countdown to start. You can choose one, three, or six cards to play and you can use free coins to buy Bingo coupons. Once a game loads, the balls drop quickly in the upper left corner of the game window.

With each Bingo game, there is a special pattern that has to be completed to win. Since the ball calls are so fast paced, your Bingo card is daubed automatically with every matching ball call. Along the bottom of the game board is a bar that fills up as the balls are called. There are inflated, animated balloons along the bar that pop every time a specific marker is reached. On the left hand side of the game in the lower corner, there is a table revealing the active players. The table is also a chat board so you can talk with other Bingo players.

Game Desire’s Bingo has a new rakeback feature. Rackback gives you back part of the free coins you use to play games. The more you play Bingo, the more Rackback you unlock. This game has great sound effects, graphics that are easy on the eyes, and a simplified layout. You have the option of playing the game in a full screen version and all of the controls are mouse driven.

You can play Bingo at You can also play the game free at

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