Enjoy the Popular Quingo Bingo Game Free Online
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Enjoy the Popular Quingo Bingo Game Free Online

Enjoy the Popular Quingo Bingo Game Free Online

Quingo Bingo is a game with superior graphics and fun sound effects. Quingo Bingo is a Flash-based game requiring no unique software to play. If you play the game daily, you can get a daily bonus. The daily bonus increases with consecutive returns. When the game loads in your browser, you will hear soft music and you will be prompted to collect your daily bonus. When you click on the mouse driven “Collect Button,” the first of seven locked positions will spin like a slot reel and reveal free gaming credits.

The object of Quingo is to fill out Quingo Cards and beat minigame scores. Numbered balls will appear. You must match the numbers up with numbers appearing in the cards. Each game lasts for about five minutes. A new ball is rolled out about every 30 seconds. Since the ball calls are relatively moderate in terms of speed, you will find the game of Quingo relaxing and you won’t feel pressured to find ball call matches in a hurry. When the game concludes, the player with the highest amount of points is the game winner.

When the game menu loads for Quingo, you will see several buttons along the bottom edge of the menu. The menu sports a backdrop of a carnival with a ferris wheel, a pyramid, a castle, a roller coaster ride, a “Leaning Tower of Pisa,” and a statue of liberty. Hot air balloons are floating off into the distant sky. The sun is shining. However, if you click on the button with the sun and moon icon, the scene will turn to a carnival scene at night. The question mark button reveals the game rules. The arrow button is the play button. Sound controls are in the lower right corner.

When you click on the game play button, you will see a ball tracker load. If a game is in progress, you have to wait until the game concludes before you can participate. There are a variety of rooms you can enter including Treasure, Diamonds, Snake, Beehive, Golden, and Bandit Rooms. A list of active players appears to the right side of the game. The amount of time remaining in the game is below the list of active players.

You can play free Quingo games at GamesGames.com. You can also access the free games at Games.com. This fun and relaxing Bingo offering is also available at Agames.com.

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