BingoFunHouse Rewards And Bonuses
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BingoFunHouse Rewards And Bonuses

BingoFunHouse Rewards And Bonuses

BingoFunHouse was brought in to the market by Bingocorp Inc. in 2000. It has proven to be one of the best places to play bingo games. This site has license to operate in Costa Rica. It uses the bingo gaming platform created by 1Gaming Inc and offers free and deposit versions of the game. BingoFunHouse means serious fun when it comes to bingo games offered on the site. Instead of the flashy graphics and captivating colors, the site puts a premium on the quality of games and the support provided by Chat Hosts.

What Type Of Loyalty Program Does BingoFunHouse Offer?

This site implements a VIP system wherein the player gets 50 percent bonus until he reaches the first level of VIP system. Once the player has reached the Level 1, he will be rewarded with 100 percent bonus. For the second VIP level, 150 percent will be given and 200 percent for the third VIP level. The bonus will be based on the amount of your deposits, withdrawals and your wagers. BingoFunHouse also delivers the Bingo Buddy Referral Program. Players get referral credits for every person they refer. As soon as they give out their initial deposits, expect 300 percent bonus to be credited to your account instantly.

What Type Of Games Are Available On The BingoFunHouse Site?

For new players of the website, it is recommended that the Schedule of the bingo games should be checked. There are two (2) bingo rooms hosted on the site. The first room hosts Side By Side Bingo, CM Choice bingo and Hi 5 Bingo. The other bingo room called the Beach Blanket Bingo Room hosts the Free Bingo games of BingoFunHouse. The site hosts a number of themed bingo games like 3s Company, 7 Up, Bananas, Beat the CM and forty more games. These games are scheduled weekly with corresponding rules, thus it pays to read before playing the game. To add spice to the bingo and side games offered on BingoFunHouse, the Late Night Lotto is offered. This game is played every night that runs from 9-10pm EST. To participate in the game, players need to select three (3) numbers and submit these to the CM. From the submitted numbers, a drawing of the numbers will be held. Cash prizes are normally offered that starts at $50. To complete the game experience, side games like Wheel of Fortune slots, video poker and Keno are offered.

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