Play In The American Bingo VIP Program
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Play In The American Bingo VIP Program

Play In The American Bingo VIP Program

The fantastic Bingo For Money VIP Club reward program was created especially to reward loyal American Bingo members. The more a member plays, the greater the rewards, so players who have been members of the site longest stand to reap the greatest bonuses. Enrolling in this program is automatic, and could not be easier.

Automatic Enrollment Makes It Easy

As soon as a player makes his or her first deposit and first wager in any game, he or she is automatically enrolled in the Bingo for Money VIP Club. Once a player is a member of the club, he or she will earn points by playing any games at American Bingo. The more a player wagers, the more points he or she will earn. More points earned lead a player through ever-higher loyalty levels, which results in higher and higher deposit bonuses per deposit made.

Eleven Levels Of Fun Bonuses

The Bingo for Money VIP Club at American Bingo is currently designed with 11 levels featuring different rewards. Level 1 provides players with a 100% bonus, and no earned points are required. Level 2 is earned at 2 points, and provides a 25% bonus. Level 3 begins at 1,001 points, and furnishes a 37.5% bonus. Level 4 is accrued at 1,500 points, and pays a 50% bonus. Level 5 begins once a player earns 2,000 and rewards players with 60% bonus. Level 6 starts at 4,000 points earned, and pays players a 75% bonus. Level 7 is attained with 3,000 points and offers an 80% bonus. Level 8 is earned at 3,500 points, and provides an 85% bonus. Level 9 starts when a player reaches 4,000 points, and furnishes a 90% bonus. Level 10 is attained at 4,500 points, and provides a 100% bonus. Lastly, Royal VIP Level is awarded at the earning of 8,000 points, and rewards players with a hefty 150% bonus.

Be A VIP Today

Players advance through levels automatically, once a specific level of points has been earned. New levels may be subject to creation and definition at any time. Check the American Bingo website to determine how much total cash must be wagered in order to earn a point on bingo, slots, video poker, pull tabs, or keno. Bonuses are subject to bonus rules. If a player should have questions about American Bingo’s VIP bonus system, they should contact the website.

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