Get In On The Bingo Hall VIP Program
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Get In On The Bingo Hall VIP Program

Get In On The Bingo Hall VIP Program

Bingo Hall is an online bingo website that believes in rewarding its players for being loyal and playing on the site on a regular basis. Every person who becomes a member of Bingo Hall will automatically become a member of the VIP Program as soon as they deposit money into their account and wager some of it on a game. From this point onwards you will earn and bank points in the VIP Program each and every time you play any of the games that are on the Bingo Hall website.

Begin At The Beginning With Bingo Hall Bonus Action

The first level that you will start at is Level 1 and as you play more games you will rise up through the various levels. As shown the first level is Level 1 and this is followed by levels 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10. The final and top level you can be in is the Royal VIP Level and in order to get into this level you will need to have accumulated a total of 8000 points through playing the games on the Bingo Hall website. Read on to learn more.

Level Up To Earn Even Bigger VIP Bonus Action

As you move through the levels you will be rewarded for your loyalty. For instance when you are at Level 1 you will get a 100% bonus on all of your deposits as a new player. This bonus will drop when you get to level 2 which is worth 25% of all of your deposits. By Level 5 you will get a 60% bonus on all of your deposits and when you reach the Royal VIP Level you will be rewarded with a 150% bonus on the cash deposits that you make into your player’s account

The More You Wager The Higher Level You Get

In order to move through these levels you need to wager money on games and each game has a set amount that you must wager in order to get one point. For instance you need to wager $42 playing bingo to get one point and $7 on pull tabs to get one point. As well as being able to get extra deposit bonuses as part of the program players can also get higher limits in chat competition and other regular perks that are not available to players on lower levels.

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