Pink Ribbon Bingo Loyalty Points
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Pink Ribbon Bingo Loyalty Points

Pink Ribbon Bingo Loyalty Points

Being rewarded for playing bingo is a great way to be able to get more money to spend on the game that you love. At Pink Ribbon Bingo, an online bingo site that donates money to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity you can get rewarded for playing and more. The reward that you will receive comes in the form of Loyalty Points and these will be added to your account automatically from the moment you sign up.

How Do Loyalty Points Equal Free Bingo Games?

New members will be interested to learn more about these loyalty points and what they are able to exchange them for. Firstly you will earn loyalty points each time you spend money on bingo cards – for 5p and 10p cards you earn 1 point, for 25p cards you will earn 2 points, for 50p cards you will earn 5 points and for £1 cards you will learn 10 points.

Check Out The Refer A Friend Program For Points

You will also earn 5,000 for each friend that you refer to make a cash deposit into their players account. So, once you are registered at Pink Ribbon be sure to start inviting your friends to play bingo. All the details can be found on the Pink Ribbon Bingo site along with easy to use tools to invite your friends and family to play bingo with you at Pink Ribbon Bingo.

There Is No Expiration Date On Bingo Loyalty Points

The point is that you own will be added over time and they do not have an expiry date. So if you play bingo you will see your loyalty point funds go up gradually. When your loyalty points reach 1,000 you will be able to exchange them for £1 which will then be added to your account. You can then use this to buy even more bingo cards with.

Claim Your Rewards And Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer

As you can see this reward program will give you even more for simply playing the game that you love. In addition to this you will find that for each and every £1 that is spent on bingo cards the website will make a donation of 15p to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. This is a fantastic donation of 15% which will help you to do even good work more for breast cancer sufferers.

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