Bingo Fest Loyalty Program
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Bingo Fest Loyalty Program

Bingo Fest Loyalty Program

Are you looking for a site with big jackpots and plenty of online bingo action? If quality bingo games are your preference, visit Bingo Fest. They are one of the leaders in providing the online bingo player with an ultra premium experience, and they have been doing so for most of a decade. Bingo Fest understands that bingo players want thrilling rewards in addition to stellar games, and the Loyalty Program rewards players with points that can be redeemed later for fantastic bonuses. As they say at Bingo Fest, “more bingo means more rewards!” With over 300 bingo games on offer daily, including their one-of-a-kind multipart bingo, there is something to excite everyone. Bingo Fest is the web’s largest online bingo hall, and this promotion is a great reason to become a member today.

Points Add Up Quickly When You Deposit Bingo Fest

Imagine a reward that compounds each time you make a deposit. That’s exactly what happens at Bingo Fest! Players automatically earn 15 Loyalty Points per dollar deposited. Loyalty Points can be redeemed for bonuses described on the Bingo Fest website. It is so easy to take advantage of this promotion!

How Do You Get Deposit Points With This Program?

A player logs in, clicks ‘My Account,’ and then clicks ‘Loyalty Program’. Deposits are accepted via common e-payment platforms, and please note, redemption flowbacks (the redepositing of paid out funds) are not eligible for points under the program rules. Bingo players owe it to themselves to discover why Bingo Fest has been voted the leading bingo hall so many times.

How The Loyalty Points Rewards Program Works

Bingo Fest’s Bingo Points Program provides loyal customers with an additional way to earn bingo points. BPs may be redeemed for second chance bingo cash prizes. Points accrue with every card purchase, and players may redeem points whenever they wish. Bingo cards accrue point values based on their cost, as follows: $0.05 = 1 point, $0.10 = 3 points, $0.25 = 10 points, $0.35 = 15 points, $0.50 = 25 points, $0.75 = 50 points, $1 = 60 points, $1.25 = 75 points, $1.50 = 100 points, $1.75 = 150 points, $2 = 200 points, $3 = 250 points, $4 = 350 points, and $5 = 500 points. Full redemption details ate available at the Bingo Fest website, so hurry over and check out this amazing offer today.

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