Bingo Zest Bonuses Expire Today – Site Closure News
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Bingo Zest Bonuses Expire Today - Site Closure News

Bingo Zest Bonuses Expire Today – Site Closure News

Yet another of the Cyber Bingo Network properties, Bingo Zest, is another online bingo club casualty. They are set to close their doors on this month’s Friday, April 29, 2011. It is also rumored that the main Cyber Bingo site is going to relocate to 888’s Dragonfish network, and close many other online bingo halls in the coming months. What does this mean for you if you play at Bingo Zest? Read on to learn about some important dates you won’t want to forget if you have any bonus bucks, bonus points or cash on deposit at Bingo Zest.

Get To Bingo Zest Today To Get Your Bonuses

All Bingo Zest bonuses accumulated by players will expire today. That means that regardless of when you earned the bonuses, they won’t exist tomorrow. While there is really no good reason to continue playing at Bingo Zest with closure imminent, you could still get in some bingo games and potentially win some prizes today if you scoot on over to Bingo Zest before the bonuses are wiped from your accounts. However, since many of the Bingo Zest games have players winning bonus play this is kind of a moot point. Either way, no more bonuses will be earned or credited to accounts after Tuesday April 12, 2011 and all player bonus accounts will be set to a zero balance come the morning.

Withdraw Your Deposit Accounts Now

We recommend to players that you process your withdrawals from Bingo Zest today, or as soon as you can manage it. Like we said, there’s really no good reason to continue playing this online bingo hall which is slated for cease operations on Friday, Aril 29, 2011. However, there are good reasons to withdraw your monies now. Players who do not have their withdrawals from their online player member deposit accounts processed by the closure date will no longer have access to their player accounts or to their funds. In essence, you will be donating them to Bingo Zest which will no longer exist. So, get out while you can before you forfeit your funds as this popular online bingo hall closes operations of their online website.

Be Wary Of Other Cyber Bingo Network Sites Too

Some of the online bingo halls rumored to be slated for closure in the coming months include Daily Bingo Express, Bingo Sky and OK! Mag Bingo. We cannot confirm or deny these rumors at this point.

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