Red Bus Bingo’s Run A Mile Game Is Big News
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Red Bus Bingo’s Run A Mile Game Is Big News

Red Bus Bingo’s Run A Mile Game Is Big News

With so many catastrophic events occurring in the world, a bingo game that gives to charity is big news. With the £260 Run A Mile game at Red Bus Bingo, players in a special game on April 17 will be able to win £260 for themselves and £260 for a charity of their choice. That’s right – players choose where to put the winning money. Of course, if you were feeling really charitable, you could donate the full amount of your win to charity, but a 50/50 split of your wins is pretty generous. So, if you had £260 which charity would you donate to? Would you send funds to those who recently suffered in the Japanese travesty or would you pick a charitable cause closer to home?

Celebrate the London Marathon, Celebrate Your Charity

This special promotional game available to any funded player at Red Bus Bingo is themed around the London Marathon, which takes place each year. Perhaps as the winning bingo player you might want to donate to an organization that helps kids get healthy through exercise and keep with that theme. However, the winner chooses to spread the joy with a nice £260 donation, in order to even be thinking about this you need to get in on the bingo game.

Buyins Are Just 2p, Play Up To 96 Tickets

Players can choose anywhere from 1 to 96 tickets for play in the £260 Run A Mile game at Red Bus Bingo. Buyins are just 2p per ticket, and you must be a funded player. If you haven’t funded your Red Bus Bingo account yet, you still have time. This special game takes place at 9:45 p.m. on Sunday, April 17. So, there is plenty of time to fund your account and get in one this special promotions where you can win £260 for yourself and £260 for the charity of your choice.

Consider Giving All The Time

If you regularly play bingo at online bingo halls like Red Bus Bingo and are a winner, this promotion might inspire you to give to charity each time you win. 50% of your winnings could go to your charity all the time. Imagine the difference you could make through playing your favorite online bingo halls and bingo games. We call that a win win situation, don’t you? Think about it.

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