Play Skill Bingo On Facebook For Free
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Play Skill Bingo On Facebook For Free

Play Skill Bingo On Facebook For Free

You can download a free Facebook application for free bingo gaming through Skill Bingo. The Skill Bingo Facebook application allows you to play online against the clock with your Facebook friends, or you can choose instant browser based play through this popular UK bingo game sponsored by Think Bingo. That’s right, pay to play online bingo halls support Skill Bingo to let players enjoy free gaming sessions whenever they want to play bingo, but don’t feel like investing real cash money in their online entertainment.

Level Up For Fun Prizes At Skill Bingo

Players level up as they play and win, like in other online social networking games as they work their way through different Skill Bingo levels. Each level has their own special prizes which start out as icons and avatars, or online trophies. However, as you level up higher and higher you can actually win real prizes. This is why Skill Bingo requires an email address from all players – so they can inform you when you’ve won a real prize that you can hold in your hand, as well as let you know how to claim your free bingo prize.

Registration Is Easy For Bingo Players

Registration is a required sign up process for all players at Skill Bingo. This is regardless of whether you choose to download the free Facebook application, or play instant browser based play. To complete registration you will need to create a user name and password. You will also need to provide your email address. Once you’ve registered an email confirmation will arrive that you need to respond to in order to be eligible for prizes and leveling up.

Instant Play Takes Less Than A Minute

For us, it took just seconds after registration to get playing – and it’s a really fun game. Even if you have a dial up connection through a land line, the game is quick and easy to get going with. If you choose Facebook play, you are able to compete with your friends for awards and prizes. You can also post to your Facebook wall and share your trials and triumphs at free bingo games with your friends. It’s fun to share the thrill of playing Skill Bingo with all your online family and friends, and let them know about the game in case they haven’t yet played free bingo on the internet.

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